Course Hosting

We do eLearning design from start to finish.  The best online courses take the experience of a classroom presentation and extend it with features and services designed to keep student engaged while utilising all the benefits of web recources to enhance the learning experience. Creating and engaging course is only part of the tasks required to offer a successful online course.  The most important aspect of the design is how the course is presented to the student and managed by the instructor.  Our partnership with canvas LMS assure that the student and teach are provided the best possible online training experience.

The Canvas LMS course hosting platform includes the following features:

• Ease Of Use - Open platform that adapts easily to teacher and student requirements

• Robust and widely used - Users include many Universities and Institutions Worldwide

• Engage learners anywhere, anytime on devices using standards based browsers

• Fully Responsive - Accessable from desktop, laptop and mobile devices

• User Community - access to a varety of educational rescources through a commons interface

• Integrated Media - Wide variety of media and eductional technology supported

• Open Platform - Shared resources and Api's allow extention of the LMS platform

• Embedded communication tools with access to most common email and social platforms

Canvas is hosted on the world’s most robust hosting platform (AWS), which is used by companies like Netflix that demand speed and reliability. It’s as fast and secure as you can get, and is mobile friendly.